Visiting the Clinic

Services provided at the Brattleboro Walk-In Clinic:

  • Basic primary medical care for ages 18 – 64
  • Referrals when needed to other healthcare providers

The Brattleboro Walk-In Clinic cannot provide the following:

  • Mental Health Services
  • Narcotics or any controlled substance prescriptions
  • Workmen’s compensation or disability care
  • Physicals
  • Dental services (referrals stopped June 2019 when Windham County Dental Center opened)
  • Care for anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Well-child exams or immunizations
  • Birth control, pregnancy tests, or testing for sexually transmitted diseases
  • Any care that insurance will cover for physician office visits unless there is a barrier to payment
The Brattleboro Walk-In Clinic is open on Tuesday evenings 5:00 PM–6:30 PM. No appointment is necessary,  just turn up.
The Clinic address is 191 Clark Avenue Brattleboro, VT 05301 {map}.
If you have questions, you may leave a message at (802) 251-8484 or email us at
Our policies

We will not charge our patients for the medical care we provide. We do ask each recipient of services to contribute toward their care at the time of service.

Each visit to the clinic costs approximately $140. Any donation you can make at the time of service is appreciated and can be placed in the box provided by the receptionist.

If you are not able to make a donation, you will still receive the same quality care which we strive to deliver.

In addition, we are aware that some individuals use our clinic not because of financial concerns, but rather for convenience due to our evening hours, because they are traveling through our town, have just moved to town, or cannot find a doctor. If this describes you, then we do ask that you make a donation to ensure that we are able to continue to provide services to others who are unable to donate towards their care.

Board of Directors 
Andrew Miller, President
Adrian Segar, Vice President
Chris Chapman, Secretary
Debbie Lemnah, Treasurer
Celia Segar
Dr. John Daly
Bill Monahan, Liaison to the Board
Clinic Coordinator
Jeanne Seymour